Home Heating and Chimney Liners

The chimney sweep has told you that you need a new chimney liner, or you need a new chimney. The old fireplace just isn’t cutting it anymore. You’ve had a chimney fire, and it’s time to repair the damage. Rising energy costs have given you no other choice but to switch your heating systems. So what now? You need information and you need it quick. Before you dish out thousands of dollars to buy a chimney liner installed do your research, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money.

You need to be informed

Being informed is one of the best tools for not being taken advantage of. Learn why you may need a stainless steel chimney liner.  If you have no liner in your chimney, harmful gases can easily enter into your home.  If your chimney liner has cracks, it may be from a chimney fire or water damage. This can allow dangerous gases to enter into your home.  Also you are at an extremely high risk of a blocked chimney.  This means instead of the furnace venting outside it vents into your home.

All of these problems can be prevented with a stainless steel chimney liner.  If you’re handy and can work off your roof safely, this is a job that you can do yourself and save possibly thousands of dollars.  Watch this video for easy step-by-step instructions.