Chimney Liners

A chimney liner is a metal pipe that is installed in a masonry chimney.  The chimney liner is designed to keep all the harmful gases inside the liner so it will never leak into your home or damage the masonry.  There are a few options as to types of liners, and each has its own advantages.

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Rigid Liner sections

You can choose to use either a rigid stainless steel chimney liner or a flexible stainless steel chimney liner. Flexible chimney liner pipe should be used if your chimney is less than perfectly straight with offsets. If you have a nice straight chimney you most definitely should use rigid chimney liner pipe.  You can purchase rigid or flexible liner from and they can help you decide what would be best in your situation.  They are the only manufacturer that sells directly to homeowners with a lifetime warranty.

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Rigid stainless steel chimney liner is the best product available to line a chimney with.  Its thick gauge metal allows it to be cleaned aggressively.  So when you clean a rigid liner, it looks brand new afterwards.  It’s the most durable and will not be damaged under any mechanical cleaning.  Light flexible chimney liners need to be cleaned with a type of plastic chimney brush because they are thinner than the rigid liners. offers two different types of flexible chimney liners. The best flexible chimney liner available is thicker and more durable, it is called the Flex King Pro, it is a 2 ply smooth inner wall liner. It cleans much better than standard Flex King liners and is more durable.  The smooth inner wall is always recommended for solid burning appliances.