Chimney Liner Brand Comparison

In this article we compare different brands of flexible chimney liners and see if there is any major difference. We are comparing three chimney liner brands. Forever Flex™ Homesaver™ and Flex King

Homesaver Ultra and Ultra Pro
Just looking at the chimney liners shows that they are very similar in appearance. Homesaver chimney liners, however, are slightly different in design. The difference is in the seam and the steepness of the corrugations. The seam is located on the top of the corrugation with no crimping. This type of build allows for a slightly more flexibly liner. The liner is strong while lying on the ground. If a heavy man was to stand on it, it would be able to hold the weight without crushing. The liner comes in two thicknesses .006″ and .005″. The Ultra being the .006 and the Ultra Pro being the .005.

Flex King and Forever Flex
Two other chimney liners we are comparing are very similar — Flex King™ and Forever Flex™. Construction is a little different compared to the Homesaver™ liner. The layers of the seams are folded over each other, creating a 7-ply crimped seam.

The steepness of the corrugations are also a bit less than the Homesaver liner.

Now, what does all of this mean. Nothing really. All three liners will do the same exact thing and perform the same task. The Homesaver liners have a deeper corrugation allowing for more creosote to get stuck in the liner, making it a bit harder to clean, but it’s not really an issue to be too concerned with. The Homesaver liners are more expensive and are made of the same material as Flex King liners.

Flex King Pro
Flex King Pro chimney liner is constructed in a way that creates a smooth interior wall which helps increase draft dramatically. As a result of the smooth interior walls creosote has a harder time finding a place to get packed in, making it extremely easy to keep clean. The liner is also thicker than normal flexible chimney liners. Remarkably this added thickness doesn’t decrease the flexibility of the chimney liner, it’s actually more flexible than regular liner.

Flex King Pro — Is it tough?
Flex King Pro is a super strong liner. You can easily stand a 300lb man on the liner and it will not crush. What does this mean? No one is going to stand on your chimney liner when it’s in your chimney, but just knowing that you have a strong and sturdy chimney liner will give you peace of mind. Flex King Pro has a total overall thickness of .014in. — that’s double the thickness of traditional flexible liners.

What about Chimney Liner Kit Components?
The Homesaver and Forever Flex kits offer the same type of components. They feature a clamp securing device. Over the last few years the “Clamp Style” components have been a big seller. They are said to be the easiest to install.

All the liners come with great warranties, but just be aware that if you choose to install the liner yourself certain restrictions may apply. Make sure your retailer will back the factory warranty if you install it yourself. Flex King chimney liners come with a warranty that allows a homeowner to do the install.

When you buy a Flex King liner, you are purchasing it directly from the manufacturer, there is no middle man.  This ensures the best prices guaranteed.