How much does it cost to reline a chimney?

The cost to reline a chimney with a flexible stainless steel chimney liner may vary. It depends on the length of your masonry chimney. Most chimney liner installs require a 6 inch diameter chimney liner. The length of most chimneys is 20 to 25 linear feet.

A chimney sweep may charge around $60 per foot for a chimney liner installation.

If you install a chimney liner yourself you can save a lot of money. Visit Chimney Liner Depot now and get a price on a Flex King or Flex King Pro chimney liner. Make sure you call and explain your venting system well. It’s very important to size the liner correctly.

It’s easy to install a chimney liner on your own if you are somewhat handy around the house. Chimney liner kits come with installation instructions and there are DIY chimney liner installation videos available online that will show you how to do it.