Top 10 Stainless Steel Liner Facts

  1. The best stainless steel chimney liners have metal alloys ranging from 316TI to AL29-4C.
  2. 316TI is a stainless steel alloy with a small amount of titanium added to it which helps protects against corrosion.
  3. Liners like FlexKing and FlexKing Pro are made to be flexible to get around any dog leg or smoke shelfs.
  4. A seamless vent, is the safest way to correctly vent from your unit up and out of your home!
  5. Not all stainless liners are the same. What some don’t realize is that stainless steel comes in many different grades of alloy.
  6. A stainless steel liner, made with one of the above alloys, should be guaranteed for the life of your home, make sure it is!
  7. When a metal chimney liner is installed, it is required by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to be insulated on the outside of the liner for solid fuel applications.
  8. The National Fire Protection Association standard 211 (NFPA 211) also requires all liners to be insulated around the outside. Insulating the liner prevents heat transfer , from a chimney, to the outer walls of the chimney. Additionally, insulating the liner maintains the flue temperature within the liner thus producing a hotter flue temperature which naturally increases the draft of the venting system.
  9. Some liners, like the FlexKing Pro, will increase the efficiency of your heating unit, usually at least 10% to 15%, which also SAVES YOU MONEY!
  10. Finally, when properly installed, it is not only the safest way, but the most cost effective way to KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE!