Stainless Chimney Systems

A stainless steel chimney system is a complete system.  This system is called Class A Chimney Pipe.  This pipe is not installed in an existing masonry chimney.  It is its own separate structure.  The stainless steel chimney is a double wall pipe.

The double wall pipe is made of an inner wall being stainless steel and an outer wall that can be stainless steel or galvanized steel. These chimney systems may be able to handle any fuel from oil, gas, wood, or coal. If the chimney is being used as an exterior chimney, the stainless steel outer wall is recommended.

In between the two layers of stainless steel is a 1″ layer of insulation.  This reduces the clearances to 2″.  This means that this pipe can be installed in the middle of the house with ease.  Also it can be enclosed with a wooden chase that is finished off with a chase cover.

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